Title: Meg's Secret Admirer (1/1)
Author: Electronis Zappa
Email: leafsfan@electroniszappa.com
Rating: Acceptable for all
Pairing: Veronica/Meg
Date in Calendar: 12 June 2006
Spoilers: 116 - Ruskie Business and slight foreshadowing of 207 - Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
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Disclaimer: I own them all. Believe that, and I have some real nice ocean front property in Arizona I'm looking to sell. Just to be perfectly clear, I do not own any of these characters

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"I think I have a secret admirer."

Plan in motion.* Veronica thinks to herself "Ooooh" she says aloud.

"Yeah, I was kinda hoping you could help me find out who it was?"

*Where would the fun be in that?* "I've got a lot going on right now, maybe I could just point you in the right directions, let you solve this mystery. How do you know?"

"On our way back from our last away game, I got this weird text message."

*Hey, it wasn't weird, just out of the blue*

"So I looked around and saw two guys on their cell phones. Caz is always flirty with me but that guy would flirt with a trash can if it had boobs. Then there was Martin. He's sweet but a little moony, if you know what I mean."

"How do you know they were on the bus, and that it is necessarily a guy?" Veronica asks, attempting to lead the cheerleader

"Veronica, I'm notů" Meg trails off, not wanting to discuss the topic in the open, though secretly hoping it was a girl

"Of course you're not" Veronica replies, placating Meg

"What do you suggest I do?" Meg asks, attempting to divert the conversation away from public discussion of her sexuality

"Try and get your hands on the cell phone of anyone you think it might have been and see if they sent it."

"So, can I see yours?" Meg asks, catching on, hoping specifically that it IS Veronica.

"But I'm not either." Veronica answers, handing over her phone, glad she was smart enough to have erased the message from the sent box.

"You never know." Meg replies as she searches in vein for evidence.

~The next day~

"Secret admirer strikes again and the plot thickens" Veronica says in regards to the bouquet of flowers she sent.

"They want me to go to the dance" Meg says, indicating the card that came with it. "I'm dying to know who it is"

"Purple faced monkey orchid. Native to the King Leopold range in the Australian outback. My deduction? Your secret admirer is an aboriginal tribesman"

"Uh huh" Meg replies, laughing

"Who shops at Manny's Flower Hut. Give me your phone." Veronica finishes, accepting Meg's phone from her.

"What are you doing?" Meg asks

"In the detective business, we call this a clue. Take this, go to Manny's, and see if he can tell you anything about who sent them." Veronica says, handing Meg her phone back. Meg then snaps a picture of Veronica. "What was that for?"

"A girl can't take pictures of her friends?" Meg asks in a flirtful manner


"Yeah, I believe I do recognize my handiwork" Manny says

"You maybe remember who bought it?"

"Yeah, yeah. Unusual order. Most kids order straight up, like roses and baby's breath. No damn imagination. But this kid, she, you know, she's thinking outside the box, you know."

"She hunh?" Meg asks, smirking. "You maybe remember what she looked like?"

"Uh, kinda like you, about the same height I guess, same hair color, real pretty girl."

"Her?" Meg asks, showing him the photo of Veronica she took.

"Yeah, real sure that's her."

"Thanks Manny, you've been a great help."


"So I take it you figured out who it was" Veronica greets Meg.

"You know you could have just told me it was you in the first place"

"In school? I know you're in the closet. With your parents can't say I blame you"

"I've decided I've had enough of them trying to run my life. There's more about them that you don't know. I'm in touch with social services, as soon as I turn 18 they won't be free much longer. So, come to the dance with me and let's turn some heads." Meg tells Veronica, showing the dress she brought for her.


"Well, what do you think?" Meg asks, admiring her handiwork

"I look like Manila Whore Barbie" Veronica says sarcastically

"You look great" Meg reassures her girlfriend

"Veronica, I'm home" Keith calls out as he enters the apartment. Finished with their preparations, the two girls exit Veronica's room. "So you're off to the big dance I take it?"

"You can really tell he's a P.I. can't you?" Veronica jokes.

"Prefer to go for 'involved parent' in this case. Just happy my daughter is doing more normal teen girl stuff."

"Relatively speaking of course." Veronica adds.

"So you're going with a girl, big deal. On the upside, if anything happens I won't be having any grandkids. On the downside, I won't be having any grandkids. You two go, have a good time, don't stay out too late."

"Are you ready for a total eclipse of the heart?" Meg asks as they prepare to leave

"You're not the one strapped into uncomfortable underwear" Veronica quips

"We'll have to do something about that later" Meg promises as she kisses Veronica.