Title: Together as One
Author: Meesh
Feedback address: meeshy_ickle@yahoo.co.uk
Date in Calendar: 9 June 2005
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Laura/Kara
Rating: PG
Summary: Roslin and Starbuck reminisce about home.
Category: Future fic, established relationship, thoughts, fluff.
Content Warnings: Femslash.
Season: After season 1 sometime in the future.
Spoilers: None
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Disclaimer: I don’t own them, but Ron Moore said I could play in the sandbox so I’ll return them (relatively) unscathed.

Authors Notes: Thanks to Debs and Wendy for the beta

Together as One.
By Meesh


Her forehead pressed up against the icy cool glass, the warmth from her temple creating a halo of moisture to form against the surface. Roslin closed her eyes a moment, enjoying the ice-like sensation against her skin as her mind slowly cleared itself of the stresses of the day.

She didn’t hear the blonde enter, such was her distraction. Starbuck paused in the doorway, watching the older woman. Sitting sideways on the sofa, glass of wine held between delicate fingers, eyeglasses held in the other; forehead pressed against the glass window of the presidential craft. Starbuck smiled an unseen smile.

Coughing and shuffling her feet to gain the other woman’s attention.

Roslin smiled not opening her eyes. She knew who it was without looking.

“Hey Kara.” The name whispered softly.

“Laura.” Kara couldn’t help but smile at the tenderness in the president’s voice. No one else in the fleet heard her like Kara did.

Laura slowly opened her eyes, inclining her head to regard her visitor. Wearing her full dress uniform, as she usually did when coming aboard the Colonial One. Starbuck never wanting to raise suspicion about her visits to the presidential craft, the revelations about her relationship with the president could ruin both their respective careers. So for now, with the Cylons relentless attacks, their relationship would remain a masquerade to those around them.

Kara closed the distance between them, slowly moving towards the sofa. She stood next to Laura for a moment, as if gauging if now was an appropriate time. Laura looked up, their eyes meeting. They held the moment for what seemed like forever; before Laura glanced down at the sofa and patted the unoccupied area of seat. Kara shrugged off her gray jacket revealing her usual tank top underneath. Discarding the jacket on a nearby chair she sank into the sofa and the waiting arms of her companion.

For a long moment neither woman spoke. Kara leant against her partner, appreciating the other woman’s warmth. Her head resting against the brunette’s as they both stared out at the vast galaxy of stars that surrounded their ship.

“What season do you think it is?” Her voice broke the silence. “Kara?” Laura turned her head, regarding her companion. “Back home on Caprica, what season do you think it is now?” It was almost a rhetorical question, Kara knew the answer. But in the vast darkness of space, it was easy to forget what life was like before the cylon attack; when day and night were governed by the rise and fall of the sun and the weather changed as the seasons did… instead of the artificial days, weeks and months that they were now subjected to as they continued their quest for sanctuary.

“It must be almost winter by now. I wonder if the first snow has settled….” Kara’s voice trailed off - lost in a sea of memories of her homeland.

“I used to go for long walks in the winter, along the beaches of Caprica city. Most people walked there in the summer. During the hot hazy summer days…. But not me, I used to enjoy the feel of the wind biting against my skin, the fierce sea breeze splashing salt against my face….” Laura smiled vividly, her eyes glinting as she remembered fond memories.

“I ran there, I used to go running in the evenings along that beach when I was on the planet. I miss that, never ending stretches of sand where I could just run. I miss that; I can’t ever really stretch myself running on the Galactica. There’s walls, corners, people. I could run for miles and never see a soul. It was like being free.” Starbuck sighed. “It’s all gone now isn’t it? The Cylons have destroyed our planet, the colonies. We won’t ever have those moments.... No where to feel the sea breeze against our skin or run without limits. We won’t ever be able to walk along the beach together and share stories of our lives before finding one another.”

Kara quickly swiped a tear from her eye, unnerved by the sudden lapse in her strength. Kara Thrace prided herself on her courage, even the president; her new found soul mate had not seen her despair.

Roslin ignored the tear, knowing it would only embarrass her lover. Their relationship was too new and too fragile; the bond they shared could easily be broken. Starbuck was proud and even Laura would not be able to get past that emotional barrier just yet. Laura gently ran her fingers through the blonde’s hair, before speaking.

“No we won’t but one day we will find earth. We can share new experiences, enjoy discovering a new planet…. Together, as one.”