Title: Therapy
Author: Lex "Spork" Tenou
Feedback address: haruka_spork@hotmail.com
Date in Calendar: 18 June 2005
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: NC17
Warnings: BDSM, toys, spanking
Summary: We get to see a different side of Alex, as Olivia is in the best kind of trouble!
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Olivia Benson pushed the door shut behind her with soft nudge. Her jacket was hung on the coat rack next to the door, her hands lingering slightly on the soft suede. The light touch of her fingers against the buttery suede suddenly brought to mind the memory of how Alex had nearly torn the jacket from her body the other night.

Smiling to herself, Olivia strode into the kitchen, her customary confidence imbued in every step. A small pile of mail rested on the counter, waiting to be flipped through. She dismissed it with a cursory glance, moving to the refrigerator. She leaned over, one arm propped up on the door of the fridge, the other gripping the edge of the counter. She scanned the contents of the fridge with disappointment, noting how there was little more than leftovers and drinks in there.

With a sigh, Olivia closed the door and walked to the bedroom, unbuttoning her shirt as she strode down the hallway. When she reached the doorway of the bedroom, she stopped, staring in disbelief.

"So good of you to join me." The steel of the silken voice nearly made Olivia flinch. Her eyes were riveted on the tableau on her bed.

Normally, Alexandra Cabot was self possessed, contained, always ready in a pressed suit. Those who went against her in a courtroom would never realize the whirling depths held in check behind bland printed briefs and elegantly worded phrases. They'd never think she would be spread out on a New York City detective's bed, svelte frame wrapped in a satin robe. It was open over her leg, exposing the smooth expanse of skin that distracted Olivia from the tense expectation within the room.

She knew she was late. She knew she hadn't called. This date had been arranged quickly but with certainty on both their parts. Olivia knew Alex would be at her place at precisely six. They would eat, then retire to the bedroom for some overdue lovemaking.

But on the way from the squad room to the front door, Olivia had been stopped by an old friend and had chatted about their days together. Before she knew it, she had been running late and had dashed from the station. From there, it was obvious that she was definitely going to be late getting home. She had, foolishly, thought that she would have made it back home quickly enough to not be too late.

Apparently, any lateness was too late tonight.

"I'm, ah, sorry." Olivia knew the words wouldn't make it better. She had to start saying them, irregardless.

Alex rose from the bed swiftly and silently. Olivia's eyes couldn't help the appraisal of the blonde's body, her eyes widening slightly as she saw the evidence of what was going to be in store for the evening.

"Get that off." Alex gestured dismissively at the partially unbuttoned shirt. Her eyes unable to tear away from the satin encased body before her, Olivia's fingers made short work of the buttons and she was soon tearing the offending shirt from her body. She stood quietly, the shirt held in one hand as she waited for Alex to decide what to do with her.

Tense expectation lined Olivia's back and shoulders as she waited quietly. When Alex was in this mood, the only thing that saved Olivia was her total and immediate obedience. She had learned that early.

"Drop it and come here."

Olivia dropped the shirt and walked slowly to Alex, her earlier confidence gone. Alex watched her, the crystalline blue of her eyes feeling almost tangible against Olivia's heating skin. She paused hesitantly and saw the flare of raw arousal as Alex watched the muscles ripple across Olivia's stomach.

"On your knees."

Olivia could feel her heart rate pick up as she lowered herself to the floor. It wasn't often that she was allowed to do this. Each time was like a precious gift, given to her by the blonde. It was easy to get lost in Alex's desire, a rare delicacy that Olivia had found herself addicted to. Alex's desire had many flavors, sometimes sweet, sometimes languid. Tonight would be neither.

Olivia rested her weight on her knees and feet. It would be painful in a few minutes, but what was coming would be worth it. If it was coming...

She stared at Alex's satin covered body, perfectly eye level with the part of her that Olivia was craving right now. Alex's hand threaded through her hair, fingers tangling in soft tresses that were in desperate need of a trim. With a sudden tug, Olivia found herself suddenly off balance, her perch only saved by the firm grip Alex had in her hair.

"Make me enjoy it."

Alex's terse command was all the encouragement Olivia needed. She swept in, her hand reaching under the satin to pull free the silicon dick that had been teasing her since Alex stood up. She pulled it free of the smooth fabric and sank her mouth onto it, nearly groaning at the warm feel of Alex's dick in her.

She slid her mouth over it, the hand in her hair along for the ride rather than guiding her. She sucked as much of Alex into her as she could, almost succeeding in taking all of her. The sharp intake of breath above her told her that Alex had felt that. She pulled her mouth back until only the head remained in her mouth. The warmth of the silicon carried with it the subtle scent and taste of Alex. Olivia opened her mouth, laving the head of Alex's dick with her tongue.

A tightening of the hand in her hair was the only response. Olivia ran her tongue over the length of the warm dick, almost bumping her nose into Alex's stomach. She kissed back up to the head, audible and sloppy, her mouth craving the feel of Alex filling her once again.

Her eyes closed, Olivia's entire focus was on the part of Alex that she was loving. Lips, tongue and teeth conspired to draw her pleasure to the surface, freeing it to wash over heightened nerves.

Giving Alex head was downright addicting. She could hear the steady breathing from above her. Molten heat bathed over her chin, the only outward sign Alex gave that this was getting to her. It was always that way. The give and take, the tease, the pleasure...it threatened to overwhelm her at times.

A steady hand in her hair centered her again. The firm feel of Alex's dick in her mouth was a constant, a steadying, satisfying invader, a tangible connection to the woman who had claimed her heart and soul.

"Good." The soft word was all that Alex said, the praise enough to send flutters through Olivia's stomach. She didn't remove her mouth from Alex until she felt the sharp tug in her hair. Reluctantly, she laid one last kiss on it, then leaned back, waiting for further instructions.

Alex stared at her for a long moment, the blue of her eyes electric with her tightly restrained desire. The breath caught in Olivia's throat as Alex grabbed her by the shoulders and impatiently tugged her to her feet.

Olivia found herself captured in a bruising kiss, the firm press of Alex's lips against hers, claiming, demanding, taking what Alex needed. Olivia moaned into Alex's mouth, her already intense desire flaring into an inferno. She could feel the wetness that coated her with the slightest movement. The slick feel made her shiver in Alex's embrace, the dual assault of Alex's mouth and her own arousal conspiring to make Olivia weak with need.

Alex broke the kiss suddenly, pushing Olivia sharply. Startled, she fell backwards, landing prone on the bed, her breath fleeing her. Somehow, Alex had unlatched her bra without her noticing. Before she could catch her wits, Alex's hands tore at her pants, tugging and pulling until they were wrested from her body. Her bra underwear followed in the same breath, torn from her body almost savagely in the face of Alex's desire.

Her legs were lifted by Alex's smooth hands, her body tugged down until her butt lined up with the edge of the bed.

She felt the exposure keenly as Alex's bright eyes raked her body hungrily, a slow grin spreading across her beautiful features as she took in the evidence of Olivia's readiness.

The prone woman cried out sharply, her pleasure tearing through her as Alex thrust fully into her, burying herself deeply within her lover. Light pants bathed Olivia's neck as Alex hovered over her, their breasts pressing together in a salacious tease.

Slowly, excruciatingly, Alex withdrew from Olivia, almost fully. She felt the pull keenly and cried out wordlessly for Alex to return, to fill her and make her whole.

With another savage thrust, Alex was buried fully within her lover, a soft chuckle underscoring Olivia's wordless keening. Olivia's hands reached blindly, grasping Alex's shoulders and clutching at her back.

"Like that?" Alex withdrew halfway and slowly, gently, slid back into Olivia. The difference made Olivia moan long and low, her hips arching up to meet Alex's thrust.

"Please!" Olivia was almost beyond coherent speech, desperate for more, for anything Alex would give her.


Alex withdrew fully, stepping away from the bed. Olivia cried out, turning her suddenly tearful gaze on the woman who owned her, body and soul. Alex's hand was wrapped around her dick, slowly running over it's length. Olivia whimpered at the sound of Alex's hand slipping easily over herself, the wetness from their fuck lubricating her masturbation.

"Turn over."

Olivia stared for a scant instant before flipping. A sharp swat to her backside wrested a pained yelp.

"You do as I tell you, when I tell you."

"Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry, ma'am." She panted, desperate to have her apology be enough, and aching for it to not to be. A gentle hand over her back did nothing to allay her tension.

"I would say you've been good, but that's a lie." Another sharp sting against her butt, another pained cry. Olivia gritted her teeth against the abrupt bloom of pain. "You're obviously terrible and you deserve nothing." Another, harder slap made tears spring to her eyes. God, this was torturous.

"I'm sorry, ma'am." Choked tears made her voice thick in her throat.

"Mmm. I'm sure you are, now." Olivia yelped at the stinging smack to her backside. "That's not enough though." Alex leaned over her, her soft breasts pressing against Olivia's back, the hardness of her erection pressing between them. Her demand was breathy, needy, as Alex whispered next to Olivia's ear. "I need your tears."

Olivia's breath hitched in her throat. She needed this as badly as Alex did, if not more. "Whatever you need, ma'am, take it. I'm yours."

"Yes," Alex hissed. Olivia felt her shift, pulling away rapidly. Her hands convulsively grasped the blankets as Alex began raining blows on her exposed and tender ass.

Sharp and fast, Alex's hand lavished the sweet release of cleansing pain on Olivia. Her screams were muffled in the blankets clutched in her hands as Alex landed a particularly hard smack.

The steady, stinging slaps were driving Olivia out of her mind, the pain twisting deep within, ratcheting her desire to astronomical levels. Each new pain added to her blazing passion, taking her to the place only Alex could take her to, the place were nothing existed beyond Alex.

As suddenly as it came on, Alex's punishment stopped, her hand stilling on the abused cheeks of Olivia's ass. She could feel the tracks of tears flowing over her cheeks, the immense emotion within her having no other outlet. Smooth hands drifted lightly over her burning flesh, dipping into her wetness slightly before continuing on.

Olivia was startled by the sudden press of lips against her enflamed cheeks. Before she could formulate words, Alex had maneuvered into position and slid deeply within Olivia once more. Groaning deeply, Olivia arched into Alex's slow, steady movement.

They began a slow, rocking rhythm, Alex careful not to press to sharply against the abused skin before her. The gentle care that Alex was showing to her now almost made fresh tears flow from Olivia.

The deep, gentle rocking of their bodies made Olivia moan wordlessly. Alex was going to drive her completely out of her fucking mind...

As though reading her thoughts, Alex shifted slightly and quickened her pace. The steady thrusts were ample stimulation to wring every drop of pleasure from Olivia's sensitive body. A nipple was suddenly pinched lightly between two slim fingers and Olivia threw her head back, crying out her pleasure. So damn close, just a little more and she'd-

Her body locked up as Alex continued her steady pace, a low moan punctuating her thrusts. Her body was going to burst with the excess of stimulation, making every nerve sing. Swirling colors filled her mind, blank of all thought, as pleasure crashed over her with each thrust of Alex's dick.

Her throat was raw from the steady scream that she didn't remember letting loose with. Behind her, Alex's thrusts picked up speed, and she began a harder rhythm. Impossibly, Olivia felt her body take notice, sending her in a paroxysm of mind numbing pleasure, waves of sheer bliss obliterating everything except the knowledge that Alex needed her.

Finally, sadly, Alex cried out once, a short wordless yell, and buried herself completely within her trembling lover. Olivia closed her eyes in pleasure, smiling as Alex released within her.

Trembling from the exertion of their bout together, Alex pulled away from Olivia, allowing the woman to flop onto her back. With steady hands, Alex stripped the harness from her body and slipped into bed. Olivia had no idea when Alex had lost the robe. She'd been far too wrapped up in other activities to care, but was glad of it's absence now as Alex snuggled her nakedness against Olivia's.

Smiling contentedly, Olivia relaxed into the soft bed, pulling the discarded covers over their sated bodies. Holding Alex close, she pressed a kiss to the blonde's forehead.

"Mmmm...welcome home, love."