Title: Raindrops
Author: Meesh
Feedback address: meeshy_ickle@yahoo.co.uk
Date in Calendar: 15 June 2005
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam-centric (Sam/Janet friendship)
Rating: Suitable for all.
Category: Angst, ficclet.
Content Warnings: Character Death
Season: 7
Spoilers: Heroes Part 2
Summary: Sometimes the rain can't wash away everything...
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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters from Stargate SG-1. Those lovely people at Showtime, MGM and their affiliates however do own “Stargate SG-1” and characters. Any original characters and all words however are all my own!


Sam watched through her den window as the rain continued to pour down outside. The weather suited the major’s mood; sunshine would have been lost on her as she curled into her comforter, lost in a sea of unhappiness.

Her blue eyes watched the rain as it fell. The droplets falling with such an intense velocity, periodically assaulting the windowpane as it intercepted their course to the ground. The smaller droplets were soon lost amongst the rest on the pane of glass as they merged and slowly ran down the pane in small trickles.

A tear escaped Sam’s eye; rolling gently down her cheek mirroring the trickle of rainwater down the window.

The blonde tucked her knees tighter into her chest as stared listlessly at the rain.
Sam knew what it felt like… to be thrown from everything safe that she had once known, just like a raindrop pelted from the security of its cloud. To have lost the familiarity and the security of the one person she was closest to, someone she could tell all her secrets to without fear of reprise.

Janet Fraiser.

Sam - like one of the raindrops- felt like she had fallen so hard she had no idea what hit her. Janet had always been dependable. Janet had a knack for knowing when to swing by her lab with a glass of water or a mug of steaming coffee. Away from the mountain nothing changed, Janet always knew when to call or drop by; or when to let the major have some time to herself. The doctor’s phone was always on; no matter what…Samantha Carter always had someone to call on… someone to drop in on, at any time of day or night to talk through her worries, fears or regrets.

It never mattered how trivial a matter was, or how unexpected the major’s reaction. It didn’t matter if Janet had a meeting to go to or groceries to fetch. She always had time. A smile crossed Sam’s face. The day before it had happened they had decided to hell with doing the weekly grocery shopping and walked through the park in the rain.

The weather hadn’t bothered them; the raindrops had fallen much as they were falling now- heavy, violent… but somewhat soothing.

Sam closed her eyes once more, pulling her knees into her chest, hugging them tightly to her body. After a few moments more contemplation she got up; making her way to the porch and opening the door.

She stood for a few minutes under the canopy of her front porch- listening to the rain catapulting down onto the roof. A tentative step and the blonde moved down onto her porch steps. With each step she became more and more immersed in the downpour. The rain was unrelenting, raindrops cascading down her skin as she stood there, watching it fall all around her from the heavens.

Tears finally fell from her eyes as she slumped on the step.
Lost and confused.
This hurt more than she could imagine.
Sam felt completely alone.
Of course she had Jack, Daniel, Teal’c… but it wasn’t enough, to have her friends around her.

She was missing the one thing she needed… her safety net.
She needed Janet.