Title: Not Phoned In
Author: ALC Punk!
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Date in Calendar: 2 June 2005
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1/new Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Sam Carter/Kara Thrace
Rating: 18+
Warnings: Smut. Fluff.
Summary: Sam steps up to Starbuck's flirting.
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Disclaimer: Not mine.

Not Phoned In
by ALC Punk!

"I can't believe..." Sam Carter shook her head and looked across the showers at Kara Thrace. "You really don't shower separately, in the Fleet?"

"Why should we, honey?" The cocky viper pilot replied, tilting her head and running her eyes over Sam. "Not like it makes a difference when it comes to sex."

The idea was something Sam was having trouble with. It was just over a week ago that the battlestar Galactica had made contact with Stargate Command. So far, Lieutenant Thrace had hit an airman for flirting with her, beat every marine at poker, and shown that a viper could out-fly the X-302. That the men and women of the Colonial Fleet weren't segregated by sex came as a surprise.

Especially to the marines of SG-13. General Hammond had ordered her to shepherd the younger woman, assuming a female officer would do the job better. Sam wasn't so sure about that. Disturbingly enough, Kara had also flirted with her incessantly. Sam wasn't immune to the other woman's charm, but until now she'd never thought of other women as attractive.

Which was distracting, now. Standing there in the shower, with the other woman staring at her appreciatively. It was enough to make her reconsider not going home. There were... useful appliances there that would relieve her tension.

"It doesn't?"

Kara shrugged, "Men, women, not much difference. When you're a pilot on a battlestar, sex is just another game to pass the time."

"Oh." Sam reached for the soap. "So, uh..."

"You're hot," Kara replied with a smirk.

"That--I wasn't." Stopping, Sam realized that she was both flustered and oddly turned on. She and Janet had sometimes joked about being attracted to other women, but nothing had ever made her skin feel like this. It wasn't that Sam was a virgin. In fact, she was perfectly capable of finding her own pleasure. Before, though, she'd always been attracted to men. This time... She stared at Kara. "Why do you keep saying that?"

"Because it's true?" Kara moved towards her, shower forgotten. "Look, honey, I'm getting the impression you and your people are a bit uptight about sex. Me, I see it as just another release. I flirt, I have a fling, I move on."

Sam found herself backing into the wall, the tile warm against her bare back. Kara continued walking towards her. "Ok." Sam swallowed.

"I guess this is where you tell me to stop flirting." Kara informed her, stepping close enough that Sam could feel her like a line of heat down her skin. "Otherwise, I'm going to do something you might regret."

Her lungs wouldn't move for a moment, and then Sam swallowed, "I don't want you to stop."

"Are you sure?"

Sam's eyes focused on Kara's lips and she moved, tipping her chin down and gently kissing Kara. "Yes."


They were suddenly pressed against each other, and Sam groaned as her skin suddenly felt too tight. Kara's hands slid up her sides, and found that, for once, she wasn't thinking about how this would impact her life and career. Whether it would effect her advancement from major on, how her brother or father would view her kissing another woman. All Sam could think about was that she wanted to know what Kara sounded like and looked like and felt like when she was shaking in orgasm.

Sam wrapped her arms around Kara as the younger woman smirked against her mouth. "So, you don't mind the flirting?"

"I... No. I'm simply unused to it."


Gently rubbing one hand up Kara's back, Sam nodded, "I'm a major in the Air Force on a top secret project. Doesn't leave a lot of time for dating."


"Having dinner, talking..."

"What's to talk about?" Kara's hand cupped a breast.

"Please." The word slipped out, the tone shaky and breathless. Sam tried to make sense of it all. To analyze it. Rules of attraction, rates of arousal, and the mathematics of Kara's fingers on her skin.

There wasn't math that covered that sort of thing.

Kara's mouth traced hers, lips undemanding for a time, and then more insistent as her leg slid between Sam's, thigh pressing into her.

Breaking the kiss, Sam leaned her head against the tiles. "This... isn't the place for this."

"Oh?" Kara's lips kissed their way down her throat and to her chest, where she feathered kisses over Sam's breasts.

Sam whimpered. "Someone could come in..."

For a moment, Kara paused, lips almost touching Sam's right nipple. "And if they do?"

"I don't--" Flushing, Sam tried to pull away. "Public sex isn't exactly what I had in mind."

"Hrm." Kara kissed her breast, then pulled away. "Then we need a less public venue, honey."

Tangling a hand in Kara's hair, Sam kissed her again, holding her for a moment. Then she released her. "I know just the place." She pushed Kara back and slid out from between her and the wall, vaguely bereft at the lack of contact.

It took them only a few minutes to dry off and pull on pants and shirts. Just enough to be decent while walking through the halls of the SGC. Sam nervously led them to her on base quarters, acutely aware that their slightly disheveled state (not to mention that anyone who knew her would know something was up) would indicate to anyone they encountered that... Sam reined her thought in, disturbed at her ridiculousness of the idea. It wouldn't appear to be anything. She was escorting a visitor to quarters.

A moment later, she was closing the door to her quarters, and Kara was kissing the back of her neck.

By the time she'd gotten Kara's shirt off, Kara's hand was down her pants, fingers stroking lightly.

Moaning, Sam tried to say something.

"Hrm?" Kara's mouth paused on Sam's shoulder.

"We should--" Sam broke off to gasp as Kara's teeth nipped her shoulder. "Bed."

"Afraid your legs will give out, honey?"

"God... Yes."

Kara pulled her hands away reluctantly. "All right."

Without any finesse, Sam pulled off the rest of her clothes and moved to flop on the bed, lazily eyeing Kara. "Going to join me?"

"Frak yes." Her clothing joined Sam's, and then she was stretched out, lazily rubbing a hand down Sam's side.

Sam began to get frustrated at Kara's slow exploration of her skin. They'd been moving so fast, and now they were slower than Daniel when he was drunk and trying to explain some higher theory to her. "Kara."


Twitching, Sam growled, "Stop playing."

"You'd rather I do this?" Fingers slid down and stroked her.

Sam moaned. "Yes."

"You sure?"

"Yes." Giving up on Kara doing more than teasing her, Sam moved, her own fingers sliding across Kara's breasts.

Kara gasped.

Encouraged, Sam moved and kissed Kara's neck and shoulders, traveling closer to her chest until Kara's fingers tangled in her hair and pulled her to her breasts. Nibbling and licking them, Sam concentrated on not touching Kara's nipples.


Kara's fingers dragged her mouth to a nipple, and Sam bit down.

"Frak, Carter." Kara's breath was a moan.

Sam slid her fingers across Kara, allowing the ragged sounds Kara made to guide her movements, until the other woman was writhing. Sam pulled back slightly and watched as the orgasm broke over Kara, watching the muscles twitch and the sweat gleam on her skin.

"I thought," Kara eventually panted, "That I was supposed to be leading you."

"And I can't be original?"

"Frak, no." Smirking, Kara nudged at Sam's shoulder. "But now it's my turn."

"Please do." Rolling onto her back, Sam watched Kara watch her. Fingers slid into her easily, and a mouth closed on one nipple, then the other. The sensations ran through Sam until she was arching, voice begging softly for more. And then Kara nipped at her shoulder, and pushed a little harder, and the orgasm rolled across her intensely.

In the aftermath, Sam stared at Kara, still amazed. "That..."

"Was brilliant. I know."

Sam blinked. "Anyone ever tell you you're an ass?"

"All the time," Kara yawned and stretched out, absently kissing Sam's shoulder. "Should sleep."

"Oh, yeah. Lots to do in the morning."

"Mhmm. More of those stupid frakking meetings."


Sam yanked the sheet over them, settling down with Kara curled into her side. "Good night, Kara."