Title: Going to Movies with Carter and Fraiser
Author: Elizabeth Carter
Feedback address: eecarter333@yahoo.com
Date in Calendar: 13 June 2005
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Fiction Genre: romantic / first time.
Rating: PG
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Disclaimer: Fanfic with no copyright infringements intended. Just pure fan fun. Much of which could not have been written without my muse, my own beloved.

Note: Dedicated to both AJ who challenged us all, and to Katie for her wonderful wallpaper master pieces. Several of which inspired me. And of course my own lover and my soulease. She allowed me to reference once of her early tie-in stories "Broca."


It all started the week after Janet had derived a cure for the Broca Syndrome. A part of Sam had felt bad for claiming Janet as her mate, a part of her secretly thrilled at the idea. A part she dare not allow others to know. ‘Don't ask, don't tell.' It was always in the recesses of her mind.

Sam had a nagging suspicion that far more had happened between her and the little physician but Janet wasn't giving anything up. In fact Sam knew she had come onto the other woman, had defiantly claimed her as her own, her ‘One’.

Soon there after the tradition of ‘girls night out' had been established. They would meet up at one or the other's house and hit the cinema and then McCay's Bar and Grill for steak, a game or two of pool and a drink.


"You know," Janet leant over her chair's arm rest to whisper into her friend’s ear. "I doubt they sang ‘we will rock you' in the fourteenth century."

Sam leaned over in own seat, keeping her eyes on a young Heath Ledger as he commanded his horse into a full gallop, “I don't think its meant to be serious. Good thing Daniel isn't with us, he'd have had a fit with all the historical anachronisms. "

"I was never a huge Chaucer fan but he's not bad. Lord Adhemar reminds me of my ex, god what a mistake."

Sam turned to her friend at the remark and hid a slight frown, she didn't want the reminder that Janet was straight. Janet turned to whisper something into Sam's ear but the blonde had yet to turn her head, for a moment their eyes met, and held. Sam was the first to break away, grateful for the dark of the theater so the bright crimson blush she was sporting was invisible.

"Check out Roselyn's dress. The sheer mesh...its really sexy. I bet you would look good in it." Janet said, causing Sam to abruptly choke on her diet coke.

The movie progressed and William Thatcher's little secret became known and he was of course placed in the stocks.

"I think Count Adhemar would make a good Goa’uld." Sam whispered as she dove her hand into the bucket of popcorn she and Janet were sharing. Their hands brushed each other, and Janet made no move to withdrawn her hand.

"You know," Janet leaned closer to the blonde, "In a way William reminds me of you."

"Me?" Sam almost squeaked.

"He took a fall for his lady love, willing to lose his dream for the woman he loved. And he's a stubborn-ass who wouldn't stand down when everyone had every medical reason to want him to, he's cocky but he persevered. Like you, but...in a good way."

Janet watched and smirked as she saw the red flush on her companion's face.


The nanocyte technology had baffled Janet, and she would be the first to admit it, however she was utterly fascinated by it. More so by her fellow scientist. Captain Carter...Sam had diagnosed that they were replicating, little microscopic machines programmed to accelerate the aging process.

After Colonel O'Neill had been restored from his rapid aging to a hundred years, Janet had decreed no sexual contact with any off-worlder. Earth had its own issues with plagues of STD's, and the SGC had front-line contact with potential alien viruses, they didn't need the added complications of alien STD's. Hammond had backed his CMO and with good cause.

SG1 was down for three days, Janet insisted Colonel O'Neill rest after his ordeal on Argos with his alien ‘wife' Kynthia. Kynthia had agreed to annul the marriage as O'Neill wasn't aware of the significance of the flower cake he ate. Which had been laced with organic stimulants.

"Carbonizers, Series four de-atomizer...noisy crikey and a neutralizer...." Sam pursed her lips, "A year ago I would have scoffed but now, I think some if it very possible."

"So if you what - hit someone with enough photonic atomized energy they will disintegrate?" Janet asked. "Dealing with staff blast wounds, I don't want to even think of the trauma it would do to the body. It would be extremely painful."

"Dying by staff weapon is no picnic." Sam agreed nonchalantly as she watched Kay and Jay zip blow the head off of the arms dealer, just to see it regenerate. Hey do you think a creature can really do that? Grow back its head?" She popped a few chocolate covered cookie dough bits into her mouth.

Janet was locked on Sam's earlier statement abut dying by staff weapon. Thank god for the Nox, who had resurrected SG-1. Resurrected a person that was quickly becoming very important to her.

"Don't do that again." Janet said.

"What?" Sam, looked to the Lilliputian woman, ignoring the alien autopsy and the warning from the little green man inside the old man robotic skin suit.

"You're my best-friend Sam. In the military, I know losing people is an occupational hazard, I do, but I hate the idea of losing people I care about."

Sam ducked her head, looking up from under her bangs. "I'll watch my step. I hate having the people I care about worry." She held out her hand with the candy cupped in her palm, "So...ah....do you really think a head can regenerate?" she asked for them both, to ease the small tension and sappy fluff that had reared its head.

"At lot of things are possible, Sam. But growing back a head seems to be very farfetched to me." She leaned over and took a few of chocolate bits from Sam's hand and popped them into her own mouth.

Sam grinned, her eyes sparkling. "You know I wouldn't mind a one of those neutralizers. Make a certain CMO forget about my upcoming physical."

"Sam...." Janet took a warning tone, but then she giggled. "Or make a certain blonde astrophysicist forget she hates them.

Sam chuckled and squeezed Janet's arm.

"So what about it? An entire universe inside a marble?" Janet leaned over to Sam, almost purposely pressing her upper body into the blonde.

"A lot of things are possible, Janet. Even the improbable."

"Count on it." Janet's hand brushed Sam's cheek.


"I really need this." Sam said softly as she and Janet took their usual seats in the theater. Middle of the aisle, fifteen rows from the front. "What happened on Oannes...." Sam's eyes teared up, she defiantly blinked the tears away. "Thinking we lost Daniel ....."

Janet placed her delicate hand along Sam's long back, "I know, honey....I'm sorry the three of you had to go through that, and the hypnotism made you revisit it.... I'm still not sure about the long term effects that conditioning had on all of you. If I get my hands on that Nem character I'm going to ring his squid neck." This was said through clenched teeth.

Sam pressed a chaste kiss on her dear friend's cheek, "Thanks for going all mama bear for us, and against Hammond too. It means a lot."

"Hey look" Sam said. Joseph Fiennes is in two Elizabethan movies, one he's trying to jump her, the other he's trying to impress her and keep his transgender partner in show business."

"You know they say both Shakespeare and Elizabeth were gay." Janet whispered softly as she took a handful of popcorn from the bag that was between Sam's legs.

"Yeah, I heard that."

A playwright who is a queen, and a queen who is butch...." Janet smiled leaving her hand in the bag of popcorn.

Sam squiggled under the pressure of Janet's hand. She tired of concentrating on watching Elizabeth's coronation, Her throat tight, Sam managed to whisper, "So you like empowered lesbians."

Janet didn't answer she only smiled.


"God! What a week." Janet eased down in her seat, her arm still very tender to the touch where she had taken the hit. "Hathor the super-bitch." Janet grumbled.

"With the breath from hell." Sam wrinkled her nose as she finished Janet's statement. "Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Still we kicked ass."

Janet smiled, "Loved every minute of it."

"Even kissing that airman?" Sam wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

Janet looked green. "Entirely too much saliva. Besides, when I kiss I like soft lips and very smooth faces."

Sam grew quiet as if ruminating on the words spoken to her. "You know it still felt like a Babes-behind-bars movie."

"Watch a lot of those do you?" Janet whispered as she kept her eyes carefully on Trinity as she battled the Agents. The seductress in black rubber sprang up like Spiderman, paused in the air just before she kicked the avatar into a pillar of marble and through it.

"Not into a lot of B-movies." Sam evaded. "I said it felt like it, and it did."

Janet guffawed.

"Well it did." Sam defended. "And you! I can't believe you. ‘ Seven women in here...all…very alone? That really made it sound like one of those crappy movies. Libidinous.... I like the way you phrased that."

Janet smiled. "I thought you might." She sipped her cherry coke. "You know I might have been content if it were just you and I ...." This was said in such a whisper Sam had to strain over the battle of Neo and his hair-raising Freeway chase.


Janet placed her finger on blonde's lips. "Shhh. Watch the movie." her finger stayed there for a moment before she trailed down to the angular chin.


"Janet, I think its wonderful you're signing the adoption papers." Sam uttered to her dearest and closest friend. She placed a chaste kiss on the small woman's cheek.

"Cassandra's adorable. Sam, I know she'd rather be with you. She idolizes you, looks up to you. You're her hero." Janet looked across Sam's lanky body to the little girl sitting next to her.

"Hero is a very big word. I .... if any one is the hero it's you." Sam muttered back.

"Sam?" Cassie whispered, her hazel eyes glued to the large screen. Of course she had never been in a movie theater, ate popcorn, gummybears, goobers or had an Icee. No doubt she was going to be very sick afterwards. "Toys really don't talk when you're not looking do they?"

Sam looked up to see Buzz Lightyear trying to avoid the little squeaking three-eyed aliens in the grabby-game only to be captured by the psycho kid Spike who lived next door to Andy.

"They might." Sam smirked playfully. There was a velveteen rabbit that became alive because it's human loved it so much. You have to be loved to be alive. Things that have to be carefully kept are never alive."

"Then you must be very alive." Janet uttered very softly into Sam's ear. Her breath sent shivers down the blonde's spine, exactly the effect Janet had wanted.

"How about you?" Sam uttered back, she turned so her lips were against Janet's cheek "You must be very full of life..... of course your nickname ‘is' energizer bunny."

Janet giggled. "Oh I can be energized in many different ways. Toys not included."

Sam almost dropped the popcorn.


"This is different, " Sam spoke softly scooting into the booth at small bar called Graystokes.

"They know you at the door, Sam this isn't different for you." Janet said almost challenging Sam to disagree.

"No, not that babe. I meant dinner first." She smirked as she caught the eyes of the bar tender. "Stacey, two Heinekens

"I ...Sam this past year.. . has been one thing after another. And our girl's night out now includes ‘our' daughter. Not that I mind sharing you, I don't. I love it. We're a family." Janet's voice gentled.

"So why do I hear a but in there?" Sam's blue eyes studied her intently.

"Narim turned your head because the Tollan licked quantum physics, then you and the colonel nearly die in the Antarctic from hypothermia, you get yourself duplicated, and locked into a virtual world, then you and your team nearly die saving the earth from Apophis's wrath. And the worst - Jolinar. That scared me more than anything else Sam. I thought I lost you, so did Cassie."

Sam looked down at the Heineken in front of her, she wasn't even aware that she had been playing with the label until it started to peel off.

"You were catatonic for a week, Sweetheart. I was so scared for you. The only one to get through was our daughter. Jolinar is still hurting you." Janet reached across the table and placed her hands upon Sam's. "I know she gave her life to save you from what the Ashrak did, but I'm sorry I can't forgive her for what she did to you."

"The colonel's right, Jolinar is Goa’uld. Tok'ra is a nice name but... she did to you what all Goa’uld do. They take hostages, turn them into unwilling hosts, mentally rape them and then carry out atrocities while within their minds and bodies, making the host suffer the guilt. Sam, I love you. If this year and half had taught me anything its to take hold of those you love and hang on tight."

Gingerly Janet stroked Sam's cheek her thumb absently tracing over the delicate lines of the blonde's mouth. "I am concerned Sam, that's all. You had me worried out there. No 'worried' isn't strong enough. Sam, I was terrified for you. I can't help but get protective. It's in my nature."

Sam felt all words tumble out of her mind, for she had nothing, absolutely nothing, at all to say to the confession. Her heart felt as if it was far too large to be contained behind her ribcage. Her eyes glinted with tears for the sheer overwhelming compassion she felt wafting off the brunette and into her. For that one single moment Sam felt her blood warm, searing her from the inside out. 'I think I fell in love...'

The heat of her blood must have seeped through into Janet's hand, for there was a hitch in the smaller woman's breathing. She didn't snatch her hand away, but let it fall gracefully away from the soft smooth flesh of Sam's cheek. They didn't exchange words, offer explanations, or apologies; they remained silent, their eyes meeting accepting what passed between them. Their lips pulled back into a soft smile of the fantasy that perhaps there might be something more. What was more astonishing was that neither had felt uncomfortable at the touch or the slow withdrawal of it. Somehow it just felt right.

Janet leaned over the table, her lips tasting Sam's with none of the chasteness of their previous kisses. This could not be mistaken for a doctor's compassion. This was a deliberate lover's kiss. No mistake about it. It was so quick and yet so filled with sensuality and passion and at the same time, a kiss that only secure lovers give one another. It wasn't even a new lovers' 'I can’t keep my hands off you,' kiss, this was an established familiar kiss of two people deeply in love

Neither woman rushed the kiss, no hunger, no lust, contented blissfully sated passion. The kiss to convey love not heated desire. Pureness and adoration. Nipping, explorative lips clashed caressing each other in satin softness.

Pause for breath only, foreheads pressed together. Dark brown eyes, gazing, falling into pools of blue.

This time Sam led the kiss. Still tentative, still soft, still ginger but still oh so comfortable, so at peace, there was no awkwardness as their lips embraced each other. Once more it was an epiphany of delight and welcome passion. Their souls had known, had recognized each other long before, the kissing wasn't new but yet it wasn't tiresome. It was like coming home. It just felt right.

"Let's skip the movie tonight." Sam whispered.