Title: Enchanted Dysfunction
Author: ALC Punk!
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Date in Calendar: 3 June 2005
Fandom: X-Men comicbooks
Pairing: Mystique/Storm
Rating: 18+
Warnings: Smut. Angst.
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Disclaimer: Not mine.

Sequel: Can be considered a sequel to Binding Stockings to Skin. Which can be found: http://1407greymalkinlane.com/stockings.htm

Enchanted Dysfunction by ALC Punk!

"You always did like the wind."

Ororo Munroe ignored the amused condescension in Raven's tone and continued basking in the sun. Her face was upturned to catch the golden rays of light, she stretched upwards, letting a slight wind kick up and swirl around her, stirring her hair. Caressing her skin.

"Do you have to do that? I find the breeze irritating, darling."

The wind flared up, sliding around their bare skin. "It's darling now, is it?"

"I could try 'honey' or 'cutie', but neither fit," Raven replied sardonically.

"I would expect you to call me nothing, Raven." There may have been a slight bitterness to her words, but Ororo didn't let it color her mood. The sun was shining and the wind wanted to play.

"Are you always so straight-forward, Ororo?"

"Do you always taunt, Raven?"

"Touche." The other woman chuckled and then sighed.

"Regretting, Raven?"

"Are you?"

Ororo chuckled, "No."

"Almost the truth, isn't it?"

"Raven." Turning her head, she gazed at the blue-skinned woman, admiring the curves of her body. They rippled into a different shape, Raven using her inborn mutant abilities to become someone else. "I don't want them."

"You wouldn't prefer me as a man?" The bulging muscles rippled across her skin, the crotch distending.

Slightly sickened with her own fascination, Ororo stared, then she shook her head and met Raven's eyes. "I prefer simply you."

"What is me, Ororo? Who am I to you?"

"My lover."

Raven let out a laugh and returned to her own form. "Always the easy answer, Stormgoddess."

"The hard ones have less of a point, I've found." The wind shifted, curling over their skin, and she reached out and trailed a hand down the soft skin of Raven's abdomen.

"You want something, Storm?"

"Mhmm." With a smirk, Ororo leaned over and kissed Raven's belly, nipping at the skin and causing her to gasp.

It was the work of a moment for Ororo's fingers to slide across Raven's skin. Caressing gently, causing the other woman to arch into them, asking wordlessly for more. This was something she was new at, caressing another woman--that it was Mystique, someone she would have once considered an enemy, made it even more strange.

Raven's fingers tangled in her hair, tugging her mouth upwards.

More touches, then lips tangled, and Ororo slides one hand between Raven's legs, stroking her gently. Almost smug at the instant moan dragged from the other woman's throat.

Her lips pressed harder against the delicate flesh of Raven's throat, and she nipped at her collarbones while her fingers delved in and out, circling and teasing until the body beneath hers was shaking from suppressed need, and Raven's inarticulate moaning crescendoed in a hoarse cry as Ororo's mouth closed on a nipple, teeth scraping it gently.

"Damn you." Raven tugged at her.

Ororo half-smirked as she raised her head, fingers flexing slightly. "And this means nothing to you?"

"You have to apply meaning to everything." Raven rolled her eyes and reached down, removing Ororo's fingers. "Ororo, don't you ever want to just let yourself feel and do, without worrying about consequences and who you're making happy?"

A strange smile touched the weather goddess's face, "I have, on occasion. From your words, I deduce that we are merely fair weather lovers."

"Fuck buddies," corrected Raven.

"You enjoy being crude."

"It's a living."

Turning her face back up to the sun, Ororo smiled. "As the wind and the rain are mine."

"Great. I'm having sex with a philosopher. I blame this corruption on Xavier. Man doesn't know when to leave well enough alone."

"You would have lasted forever in the desert," Ororo said softly. "Ruthless, cunning, looking out for only yourself. I wonder, how many children would have died that you might stay living?"

"What the hell?"

The wind wrapped around them, then skittered away. "Merely observation."

"Great. Philosophical AND insane."

Ororo gave a sound that might have been a chuckle. "In time, you will be as bad as I, Raven."

"No I won't."

"He's already gotten you to work for him."

"Means nothing." But the protest sounded weak even in her own ears. A snort escaped her. "Let's go inside and have sex in the kitchen. I'm sure someone will be entertained."

"I have a better suggestion."


"Skinny-dipping in the lake."

"First the sun and wind, now the lake. Great, you're turning me into a nature lover."

"Or a lover of nature?" Ororo replied lightly as she stood and picked up the towel she'd been sitting on, expertly draping it around herself and tucking one corner so that it would stay. "Come now, Raven, clear water, brisk breeze, warm sunlight, what more could you want?"

"Naked towel boys?"

Ororo snorted and held out a hand to her. "Coming, Raven?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't drop me."


"I believe that as far as I can throw the Blob," Raven said acidly.

"I've found he can be thrown at least as far as the lake," replied Ororo cheerfully as she took Raven's hand and allowed the wind to waft them from the roof and towards the large body of water.

"Oh, have you now?"

"It just takes determination, Raven." With a smirk, Ororo stopped over the lake. "Care for a swim?"

"Ororo, you--"

Releasing Raven with ease, Storm floated for a moment, holding their towels and watching her fall. Then she sent the towels to the shore and dove down after her. The water felt incredible against her skin. Invigorating and relaxing at once.

She surfaced with a gasp, and looked around for Raven.

Hands grasped her shoulders, and she was unceremoniously shoved beneath the water.

She came up fighting, the water swirling slightly with the wind stirring it. Hands grabbed at arms, legs tangled, and they were kissing again.

The wind picked up as Raven's finger slid into her, and she broke off their kiss to gasp.

Lips trailed down her neck as the finger was joined by a second, thumb circling her clitoris gently at first, then harder until she was arching back in the water, almost begging.

Raven chuckled, and the vibration on her neck made her gasp, and something articulate spilled out. A beg, a moan, it didn't matter. More than enough for Raven's fingers to push harder, thumb pressing just right, and the wind stopped playing.

It lashed at the lake as Ororo's body spasmed, tossing the leaves of the trees with intensity until she subsided against Raven, panting softly.

"So you do let the control go."

"Only... sometimes."

"Good." Raven kissed her again.

The wind had quieted down again, the sun was shining as brightly. But with her arms around Raven, Ororo shivered.


"Something like that."