Title: Naughty or Nice
Author: Lil
Feedback address: cuspofqueens@aol.com
Date in Calendar: 18 December 2004
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Catherine/Sara
Rating: NC17
Summary: Catherine's been a naughty girl.
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Disclaimer: I don't own or work with anything CSI related, I'm just borrowing the characters for my own sordid amusement and then giving them back. I'm not making money off of this. As it is, I need money in the first place! That is all.


She walked into her house, calling out a greeting as she entered. No sooner had she closed the door than I rushed at Catherine, shoving her smaller body roughly up against the door. She grunted, I could feel her hands come up to grip my shoulders even as I buried my hands in her strawberry blonde hair.

I caught her lips in a bruising kiss, all the pent up arousal and frustration from earlier today poured into that one intimate caress. “Welcome home.” I whispered into her ear before capturing it between my teeth and tugging gently. God help me, I love that heated hiss she makes and the way she arches her body up into mine. The way she gets demanding and limp and boneless all at the same time. I kept going, moving in hot, suckling kisses down her neck and over her collarbone and shoulders.

Today had been a long day. A LONG day. Having to work with her in a convenience store shooting, watching her smooth, graceful movements, her intense focus. Being around all that stuff…I know she saw me buy a couple of candy canes when we left. I disappeared once we got back to the lab, letting her drop the evidence off and rushing through all my left-over work before ducking out early so I could meet my lover here at home. I made an extra stop on the way, though, picking up a few extra items to fulfill the fantasy that has been running through my head non stop all day long. I've waited here at the house for what seems like forever, preparing everything just for her.

“Sara.” She moaned, slipping her hands underneath my shirt, trying to slow me the hell down. No. I wasn't having it. I wanted her fast, I wanted her hard, I wanted her hot. I wanted to make her scream for me, feel her writhe and buck under me as I gave her the orgasm of her life. And I was going to, or die trying.

I reached down and caught her hands away from my body, pulling her upstairs to the master bedroom. Stopping at the doorway, I turned and cupped her face with my hands. “Do me a favor?” I requested, looking into her cornflower blue eyes. “Trust me to take care of you?”

I could practically see the gears turning in her head even as her eyes narrowed. She must have come to some conclusion, because she finally nodded at me. “Okay.”

I nodded back at her encouragingly, smiling at her. “Good.” I squeezed her hands, trying to convey my love for her without words. “Now, if you want me to stop at all, tell me, okay? The last thing I want to do is hurt you, ever, so if you don't want to anymore, tell me. Say 'stop, Sara'. Okay?”

She nodded again, smiling at me. “Yes. But I won't want you to stop. I never do.”

“Good.” I repeated. Stepping back, I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at her. “Strip.” I commanded simply.

Now her eyes widened, and she blinked “What?”

“You heard me, Catherine.”

Her mouth opened and I could see her wanting to protest. I just waited silently, almost wanting her to make me repeat myself so early in the game. After a moment, she wordlessly began to unbutton her deep blue shirt, dropping it silently to the floor. Her pants followed, and she stood there in her underwear staring at me uncertainly. I allowed myself a moment to enjoy the sight of her lean body framed delicately in a matching bra and panty set the color of the sky, before raising an eyebrow and waiting.

Taking a deep breath, she lost the rest of it, finally standing before me nude. She had to fight the urge to cover herself and I smiled, knowing my baby was feeling more than a little vulnerable already. I opened the door to the bedroom, gesturing for her to move into the room ahead of me. She stepped into the room silently, and let out a little gasp.

Blackout shades were drawn, drowning the room in shadows, lit by the twenty or so candles I'd littered along the dresser, and nightstands. I'd sprayed decorator's frost on the mirror above the dresser, drew a few snowflakes. The smell of mint and chocolate permeated the air, made more prevalent by the oscillating fan in the corner.. A thick, well used pair of leather manacles dangled from the headboard, and the comforter had already been pulled off the bed in preparation for her.

I could feel myself smiling indulgently at Catherine's little exclamation of surprise. She recognized those toys. She started, caught off guard when I skimmed a hand down her tight ass before slapping her lightly.

“On the bed.”

Catherine jolted, shooting a look back at me before hurrying onto the bed. She arranged herself without words, knowing already that she wasn't to speak unless I gave her permission. Catherine could be such a good girl when she wanted to be. It was intoxicating. Lying on her back, she waited for me with arms stretched over her head, and legs spread in the direction of each bed post.

Wordlessly, I fastened the thick leather around her wrists, moving to the foot of the bed to secure her ankles in place. Catherine had a bad habit of trying to close her legs if the sensation got to be too much for her, but I refused to give her the chance today.

She licked her lips and tried to look challenging from her position on the bed, and part of me laughed at her carefully hidden look of trepidation. Sitting next to her, I stared at her. Her light skin was flushed with embarrassment, heat, and arousal. Dusky rose colored nipples were beaded in anticipation, without even knowing what was to come. She swallowed, I imagine her mouth must have been dry because then she licked her lips, staring at me as I trailed a hand down her side and over her inner thigh. Smooth soft skin rose in a trail of goose bumps after my touch.

“You were a very bad girl today, kitty.” I said conversationally, tilting my head and looking at her. Her eyes were wide, as she waited. “You've been teasing all the boys, haven't you? Even going so far as to tease me. Strutting around in your tight jeans and see-through shirt. Did you think they wouldn't notice?”

I waited, staring at her, daring her to answer me. Discretion was the better part of valor on her part, as she bit her lip and stayed quiet.

“You do know who you belong to, don't you kitty Cat?” I ran a hand up her flat stomach to toy with a protruding nipple, pinching and rolling it between my fingers. Her chest rose sharply in an indrawn breath, but she remained silent.

I pinched her harder. “Answer me.” I commanded calmly. “Who do you belong to?”

She jerked slightly. “You. I'm yours, I belong to you.”

“And are you my property?” I asked her, eyes narrowing. I could feel the heat rising in my own body even as I saw the same reaction mirrored in hers.

“Yes, Sara.”

I tilted my head, playing at curiosity now. “Then why if you are mine, do I have to step back and watch you shake your ass for every dick that walks in front of you?” Blue eyes dropped, unable to hold my gaze. I slapped her hip to gain her attention. “Look at me.” I waited until her eyes met my own. “Are you going to make me repeat myself again?” I asked incredulously, my voice lowering in pitch.

Mutely she shook her head.

“Well, it looks like you are, because I don't see you answering my question. Have you forgotten my question, Catherine?”

“No, Sara. I remember.”

I waited. I could see her casting about for an appropriate answer, for something that wouldn't end in her being punished.

“I do it because I'm proud of being yours, of being your girl. I want everyone to look at me and want me, and know that they can't have me because I belong to you.”

I watched her a moment, weighing the truth of her words. Catherine knew that I disliked the attention she got. Not because she didn't deserve it, but because I didn't like to share. I never did play well with others.

Finally I nodded, smiling at the sigh of relief she gave. “Oh, we're not done yet. You didn't tell me that that's what you were planning on doing, did you? You didn't clear it with me.”

Now she just looked wary, even as I reached down to run my fingers through her wetness. Dipping into her core, I spread her juices over her clitoris, watching as her body moved involuntarily. “And because you didn't ask for my permission, you need to be punished, don't you, Catherine?”

Swallowing, she shook her head. “No, Sara. Please don't punish me.” She responded, her voice taking on an almost needy quality. “I'll be good.”

“Baby, I'd like to believe you, but that's what you said the last time.” I pinched her clit between my fingers, pushing firmly. “You said you would be good then, too. And if you had been, we wouldn't be here right now, would we?”

She shook her head again, negating my last statement. “I WAS good, I was, I was, I really was.”

“What?” I sat back, removed my hands from her heat. “Are you calling me a liar now?”

“Noo.” She whimpered. “Sara! Please? I'll be good. I promise! Don't leave.” She begged.

Reaching over to the nightstand, I picked up a black silk scarf. “Up.”

She pouted, and I could see the tears in her eyes as she lifted her head, allowing me to tie the blindfold around her eyes.

Once deprived of the sense of sight, I slipped soundlessly out of the room and quietly headed downstairs.


Waiting for her to come back seemed like an eternity. I lay there on my bed, blindfolded and spread eagled, the air of the oscillating fan I could hear and feel uncomfortably cool on my thighs. My nipples were painful, god I wanted her to fix it, to take care of me and let me come but she wasn't here. At least, I didn't think she was.

Every available sense strained to pick up any sign of her but with each passing second, I began to believe she had left me here, alone. It never failed, the thought brought a tidal wave of panic so strong I almost began to hyperventilate. I had to forcibly stop myself from crying, and remind myself that Sara loved me, Sara took care of me, Sara would never abandon me. This was my punishment and I knew that wherever she was, she could hear me. If I wanted to stop, we would. But she was in charge, and I shuddered to think of the look of disappointment that would appear in her eyes. I wanted nothing to do with that. Nothing, ever. I didn't ever want to hurt her or let her down and I knew that Sara wanted me to be patient with her, to trust her, and because she asked, I would.

I was still painfully aroused, though. We had figured out quickly that withholding release was the most effective form of punishment for me, but Sara was kind enough not to use it every time we played these games. At this point, after three hours or so, maybe I'd be okay.

Honestly, I did eventually start to calm down. Yes, I was still aroused and I still wanted her and I still needed my Sara, but it was bearable now.

Until she came back into the room.

I could feel it the instant her eyes fell on me, my body reacted in a heartbeat, aching for her touch, her mouth, her love. She was still quiet, I couldn't actually hear her in the room, but I could feel her watching me. Her gaze was, had always been, like a physical caress. She'd asked me earlier why I showed off as much as I did today. Honestly, the only reason I did was because I wanted to feel her eyes on me. I wanted her to notice me. I guess, if it got right down to it, I wanted this very moment.

It was a subtle, almost silent sound when she opened what I assume to be the toy box to the right of me. I could feel my own breathing pick up involuntarily as I wondered what she had. Was it…could it be the strap on? I didn't want to hope, but still couldn't help myself at the thought of her over me, in me, filling me up and making me scream. The thought alone had an effect on me because again my nipples began to ache. Without looking, I already knew they were hard and wanting her mouth. I whimpered slightly, but bit my lip when I remembered that I wasn't supposed to make noise. This was quiet time.

The bed dipped between my legs and if I could have, I'd have shot off the table at the sensation of a hot, wet mouth enclosing one aching nipple. I arched up into her, wanting, needing more contact, whimpering again when her mouth left me for a moment. She transferred to the other side, pinching and twisting the one she'd just left lightly, kneading my breast and making me cry out.

“Sara…” Did that come from me? That couldn't have been me, I wouldn't ever say anything before she gave me permission.

She must have lifted her head, for I felt the brush of her hair over my chest and torso, and her hands rested warmly on my ribs. “What, baby?”

I could hear the wealth of amusement in her voice, like I was funny to her. Oh, the desire to wrap my arms around her and turn the table and make love to her was huge and I didn't even bother to try it was I pulled and twisted in my bonds. “Don't stop!” The plea was evident in my voice, as was the demand. “Please don't stop!”

Her dark, rich chuckle made me squirm again even as I shivered at the feel of her hands running down my sensitive stomach, the sensation bordering on a tickle. And then she leaned down again, I sucked in a breath, ready for her kisses solely by the feel of her hair on my hip. When she scraped her teeth over the skin just underneath my belly button, I cried out again. There was no use by now in even attempting to restrain myself at this point. Sucking on my hip, down my thighs and leaving bruising kisses and bite marks, I think I was in tears. When her mouth finally closed over me, I know I did buck under her. At one point I'm pretty sure I did stop breathing, momentarily silenced as I fell over the precipice of orgasm, the intense sensations of pleasure wracking my body over and over again.

And yet, she didn't stop.

No sooner had I come down from the first peak than she drove me back up again, taking me higher than before.

And again.

As much as I fought my body, eventually it gave out, the intense pleasure sharply turning into pain, the coppery taste of blood filling my mouth. Only then did she let up, raising herself back over me and setting me free from my restraints.

Limp and boneless, there was no way I could move. It just wasn't happening, but Sara was utterly loving as she pulled the comforter up over our bodies and gathered me into her arms. Kissing my forehead, she held me close and ran her hands down my back while I finally got a chance to recover.

Much as I fought it, sleep, too, eventually came to claim me as I lay there with my head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat and waiting for my slowing one to even out.

The last sounds I heard as I drifted off made me smile in happiness. “Good girl.” Sara complimented me, the pleasure evident in her lazy tones.