The ShatterStorm Productions FemSlash Advent Calendar

The Rules

And now for the obligatory rules list…

  1. Femslash only… DUH!
  2. No bestiality (the dog can sleep at the foot of the bed, but that's IT).
  3. No underage over PG (this is just playing with fire).
  4. No real people. Period.
  5. And, for the love of little green apples, make sure they're NOT related if you're gonna get smutty! Incest is squicky.
  6. There is no rule number six.
  7. Any rating, any length, must be turned in by November 12th, and stories close to Christmas must be 2000 words or more.
  8. FSAC04 (huh? What's that stupid acronym mean? Oh! Duh… Femslash Advent Calendar 2004) has exclusive rights to all stories until January 15, 2005.
  9. Once your story has been posted on the FSAC04 site, you may feel free to link to the FSAC04 site or the ShatterStorm Productions site, but please do not link solely to the individual story. This is to ensure that people have the opportunity to check out the entirety of the FSAC04.
  10. Stories cannot be posted anywhere else (lists, sites, LJ, etc) until after January 15, 2005. (See Rule #8 above.)
  11. No images over 100kb. (Shatterpath requests, slobbers, whatever, that images can be used as inspiration for stories. Please? I'll make sad puppy eyes. Whine!)
  12. Pick an inspiration, any inspiration, it's all good with us! TV, films, animated, comics, books, weird dreams after too much pizza…
  13. Oh! And please make sure that these are new fics, unpublished anywhere else. We're only gonna hold 'em hostage for a little while, and then you can have them back.
  14. All entrants must have their requests in to aj & Jenn no later than October 31, 2004.
  15. Dates will be assigned to authors unless they specify a date they want. The calendar will be updated as regularly as humanly possible.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.